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My name is Gabriela Harris. I am a United States Marine veteran who currently serves in the Air Force Reserves (talk about culture shock LOL). I’m also a nationally qualified figure competitor and have been competing for more than five years.

I’m a hard charger and I crave intensity. If I’m not dead at the end of my workout, I’m not satisfied. My goal has always been to help people be the best version of themselves inside and out. Once you have found your confidence and drive, you will be unstoppable.

Moreover, I’m an Elite Personal Fitness Trainer, specifically specializing in training, nutrition and exercise therapy, I have been in the game since 2009.I have  helped people transform themselves  whether it was body building, personal weight loss goals, training to prepare for military fitness tests, living a healthy lifestyle without the crazy diets and many more goals. I love what I do and will never stop doing it.

It’s like a high whenever I see my clients work hard to make their goals a reality! My customers are my forever clients. I am in contact with all of them even if they have completed their programs. I just want to reach out to the world and help them accomplish their fitness goals.